GIFT Airbus Renewal

Airbus has renewed its confidence in Kalisio to host, operate and pursue the development of GIFT (Geographical Information system for Flight Test). This platform provides real-time geographical services to a fully-featured ecosystem of flight test applications such as:

  • XWind - automated flight tests planning by quickly identify airport runways matching specific wind conditions with respect to weather forecast data and planned take-off time
  • AirlineOne - real-time flight test monitoring and troubleshooting for ground control center
  • EOSAGE - take-off procedures optimization based on 3D data analysis

The platform makes the most of our solutions:

  • Krawler for ADS-B, Airport, or Geographic data scraping and processing
  • Weacast for weather data scraping and processing
  • Kargo for services deployment and monitoring
  • Kano for advanced 2D/3D cartographic visualization
  • KDK for fast business application development