Kalisio and partners awarded in the SecurIT OpenCall #2

The project built with our partners Global Smart Rescue (France) and Prendoquota (Italy) has been selected in the second batch of SecurIT-funded projects for safe, secure and resilient territories. We are proud to be laureates in one of the disaster resilience category: "Optimisation of communication and warning systems in case of disaster". The Kick-Off Meeting, which took place in Vilnius on the 5th of July 2023, was a great opportunity to pitch our innovative digital solutions to the consortium members and other projects.

We will offer a demonstration of a hardware and software system to improve response to crises and technological disasters. Notably, it enables the acquisition and analysis of environmental measures while providing operational teams in the field with the means to optimize the environmental investigations strategy. Last but not least, the system is easily deployable in a timeframe compatible with operational requirements during a disaster and rely on multiple channels (WiFi, GSM, Satellite, IoT) to ensure resilient communication when every second counts.