The C3X platform is a platform software developed by the French Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) for atmospheric dispersion and consequences (doses) assessment. C3X has been specifically designed for a use in IRSN’s Technical Crisis Center and in particular for the emergency phase management.

As part of major changes to the platform, Kalisio was asked to ensure the evolution of the cartX application. CartX allows to visualize and post-process in a 3D geographical context the results of the various calculations. From a technical point of vew, CartX relies on Open Scene Graph, VTK, GDAL and Qt technologies and interacts with the platfom using a communication bus. Our mission was to refactor cartX to handle the new data model induced by the platfom’s evolutions and the new communication protocol based on AMQP. Our technological background allowed our partner in charge of the maintenance to secure its delivery in time and cost.