Kalisio has started R&D activities on flood risk

Visualise the area lower than a given elevation level in real-time is now possible (watch the video) ! Combining this with real time hydrometric data would allow to identify zones at risk in a given area. Now, combine this with a predictive model and we could identify it hours ahead.

We have launched R&D activities in all of these directions, if you own precise elevation data or hydrometric data in your region and would like to join our effort, contact us.

Akt’n’Map available on the App Store !

After a successful beta test phase of 3 months Akt’n’Map is publicly available on the App Store. You are now able to take better decisions with geographic insights and situational awareness of your business on you preferred Apple device.

IRSN is choosing Weacast to redesign its Meteo Server

After AIRBUS, the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) is collaborating with KALISIO to work on the next generation meteo server. This server is part of the IRSN’s emergency response system and should deliver various meteorological forecasts (ARPEGE, AROME, GFS…) . The proposed solution will be based on our Weacast solution, just like the AIRBUS X-Wind application.

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