PlanetObserver and Kalisio enter into a strategic partnership in the field of mapping platforms

Kalisio and PlanetObserver have entered into a strategic partnership in the field of mapping platforms. This partnership comes from the synergy between our respective expertise, i.e. data and geospatial platforms, which will allow us to offer a more complete cartographic content and new access solutions to 2D and 3D global mapping data.

Target markets for these new service offerings are both public clients (such as government departments and agencies) and private companies for all their GIS (Geographic Information System) or geographic data visualization and analysis needs.

A new mapping service in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), which launch is scheduled for Spring 2021, is one of our flagship projects.

New release of Kaabah !

We are pleased to announce the release of Kaabah 2. This new version allows building even more resilient Docker Swarm infrastructures on Scaleway, OVH or AWS.

With Kaabah, keep the control of your deployments in the cloud!

Kano has been revamped

We have published a new version of Kano based on a new version of our developpement kit, here are the key changes:

Some of these new features will be soon integrated in Akt'n'Map and more !

OpenAQ Air Quality data available for Kargo

We have developed a new service using the air quality data provided by OpenAQ. OpenAQ is a non-profit organization empowering communities around the globe to clean their air by harmonizing, sharing, and using open air quality data.

The service is integrated with Kargo and the data can be visualized with Kano.

K2 service for Kargo

We are happy to announce that we now provide a 3D terrain tiles service you can use as part of our Kargo solution. Browse the whole world in 3D with our Kano geospatial data explorer or any Cesium-based application. It is named after the second highest mountain in the world: K2 !